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Cyber Security Awareness Training (Post Primary School)

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What are Threat Actors?

Threat Actor: A person, group or organisation believed to be operating with malicious intent.

Key Definition

There are all sorts of individuals and groups that might wish to target a school. They may try to con or use unknowing staff to gain access to the school’s data or money

You might also be caught up in an un-targeted attack or incident. Often perpetrators send out blanket emails to organisations in the hope that a member of staff clicks on a dodgy web link or attachment

To begin with we are going to look at schools that are targeted. In a school you may face targeted threats. This is where individuals or groups identify weaknesses in the cyber defences or processes of that school. This could involve stealing or guessing log in credentials or exploiting flaws in software.

Attackers may also have identified some personal information about a member of staff online. Attackers can use this information to manipulate victims into performing actions or divulging confidential information, usually for fraud purposes. This is called “social engineering”, and often the victim has no idea that it is being done to them.