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Covid-19 Role of Staff, Students & Parents

Staff, Students and the wider school community have a collective responsibility in respect of Covid-19.

  • Staff shall follow the public health advice and guidance, as well as any specific direction from Senior Management at the school.
  • Staff should adopt good hygiene practices, such as frequent hand washing, good respiratory etiquette and maintaining physical distancing to protect themselves and their work colleagues against infection.
  • Seek professional healthcare advice if unwell and have symptoms of Covid-19 and not attend work. S
  • Undertaking the Return to School Safely (Covid-19) Induction and adhere to the measures identified.
  • Complete the Covid-19 Self Declaration Form 3 days in advance of returning to school.
  • Review the Covid-19 Response Plan, provide constructive input through the Lead Worker Representatives.
  • Adhere to the measures identified in the Covid-19 Response Plan. 
  • Follow signage, allow for social distancing and adhere to hygiene requirements.
  • Make representations to the Principal regarding Covid-19 through the Lead Worker Representatives.